Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If I Can't Think of a Title for This Post, How am I Gonna Think of One For My Book??? and other good stories...

I’ve been studying the market a lot recently trying to come up with a title for my book. I’m getting closer and closer to the publication date, but haven’t actually chosen a title yet. I’ve had some ideas, but have found it a little problematic when I consider them from a marketing standpoint. Plus, with the book being solely available as an e-book to begin with, the rules seem to be a little different.
The genre is paranormal romance, and of course, you have to take your audience into consideration, but you also have to consider what will sell books. What I’ve learned with the book titles and covers in this genre is that they are not scary or frightening. Usually the titles are vague, one word, and allude to things you won’t understand until you’ve read the book. Though the covers are visually interesting, they are equally vague.
I’ve been playing around with the one-word title thing, and seem to have gone down a silly path. My book takes place by the ocean, so I’ve been coming up with absurdly simple names like – "Rocks," "Seaweed," and "Starfish." Things that really have nothing to do with the book, and titles that I would probably pass over if I were the consumer.
That one word thing is harder than I thought.
On the other hand, going with a full-blown horror title and look seems like it would sell more books initially, but maybe scare away the people who should actually be reading the book.
So here’s the conundrum. Striking the right balance between horror and romance, so that both groups will know what the book's about.
But maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. The book should sell a few copies before I start worrying about alienating audiences.
I am having my cover designed by You Come Too Publishing’s graphic artist, and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out. The title… well, I'm still mulling it over.
The hours are ticking.

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