Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Key to the Universe

So now that the first book is out there, I’ve been working diligently on the second one. Or, trying to at least. I do find myself getting distracted easily. I think it might be because I’m faced with writing the second book – making it as interesting if not more than the first book. It has to live up to the first one, and still stay true to the characters, and also, still leave room for a third installment of the story. All things that kind of make me want to surf the internet aimlessly for hours, or watch movies, listen to new music, or do just about anything other than write.

That living up to the first book is kind of tough. It’s pretty much the way of the world, I think. If you’re an artist, you most likely get caught in the sequel doldrums. You’re debut is usually good, then you go into the sophomore slump, and then most of the time, you’re third installment is the masterpiece. I know it’s that way with music a lot of the time – bands go through that. I don’t know if writers have that same trajectory. Probably not, because generally, your career as a writer lasts a lot longer then your career in a band.

But I’d really like to make my second book as good as, or better than the first one. Which will require a lot of thinking, a lot of work and a lot of concentration. Focus, focus, focus. The key to the universe right there.

So going a little off topic, I’ve had a few sales of Drowning in the Dark. Nothing major, but I didn’t really expect anything major right off the bat. But even just the few sales I’ve had make me feel all giddy inside. Thinking that some people are out there reading my book is pretty cool. The feeling’s definitely a lot stronger than the one you get from people reading your news stories. Because unlike a lot of those news stories, I really feel like I’ve put myself into Drowning in the Dark. It’s coming from a different place, if that makes sense. A much deeper, more meaningful place then it does when I’m writing about education or city business.

So those are my thoughts for now. I should get back to writing my book I guess. I’m at 10,000 words, and hoping to make it to at least 15,000 by the end of this week, in between work and all the other nonsense that needs to get done. So I better cut this post short then. Catch you on the other side of 15K.

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