Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long Time, No See!

Wow. I’ve really neglected the blog! I guess my last post was about a month ago, but I’m getting back on that horse, and will try and check in more often. This is probably just the nature of blogging. Sometimes, you’re full of enthusiasm for it, and other times it’s a struggle. Even just thinking about it causes groaning.
My writing’s been kind of that way too for the last two weeks. Writing the sequel to Drowning in the Dark has been like walking uphill through sand. I’ve just been lacking ideas, and enthusiasm, for it, and have been getting distracted too easily.

But this week, I had a major breakthrough and feel much better about it. One day, I ended up writing about 1,200 words, and more importantly, 1,200 words worth of good writing I think. So along with this writing this blog, I’m climbing back up on the writing horse.

The sequel is at about 25,000 words, and I think it will be ready to go by the end of this month – maybe the first week or second week of April. I’m hoping to have the trilogy finished by my birthday in July, after which, I’m planning to have one killer party – hopefully funded entirely by all my book profits. J Which to me, would make the party all that better.

When I first put Drowning in the Dark on about a month ago, there was a small trickle of sales, but honestly, it was kind of disappointing. But lately, I’m not sure exactly what has happened, but sales are doing better. On Barnes & Noble, my publisher changed the categories, so that may have helped. The sales aren’t amazing or anything, but it’s better than nothing. In fact, it’s pretty fun going from nothing to well… more. At this point, it’s some fun going-out-on-Friday-night money to spend on beer and drinks. I’m hoping soon, it’ll be paying-minimum-due-on-credit-cards kind of money. And from there, I hope it’ll be paying-off-the-credit-cards kind of money. And from there, I’d like it to be all-the-fun-that-money-can-buy kind of money.

But for now, I’m content with beer and taxi funds, and I’m content putting all my efforts into the sequel. I’m excited about where I am, and where I’m going. And I’m thankful that I get the chance to have this much fun while getting there.

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