Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Are the Lucky Ones

I went out for a walk today. It was the first foggy day of the season, and when I finally left my house at around 2 p.m., the fog was just starting to burn off. A beautiful blue sky was starting to emerge, and a soft breeze was blowing in, making the leave tremble and dance and drift away from their branches. All around, trees were bursting with color, shades of apple cider and burnt honey. And everything had a glistening coat of dew on it, shining in the lazy streams of autumn sunlight.

And all of it made me feel very lucky.

It’s easy to feel lucky this time of year, living in the place I live in. Everything is so vibrant and glowing in the fall, and all of it just makes you feel good to be alive.

Out on my walk, I was thinking about things, and thinking how pleased I am with what I’m doing, and where I’m going.

I’m not at the place I want to be at in terms of my goals and my hopes for being a successful self-sufficient author. I’m not making much money. I’m not able to fix my car like I’d want to. I’m not able buy everything I’d like to. I’m not able to travel and live as freely as I’d like to. I’m far away from being that full-time author/ Maui beach bum that I dream of being someday.

But I’m getting there. I’m working toward it. And more importantly, I’m doing it in a way that’s bringing me such happiness and joy.

Over the past year, the way I look at writing has changed so much. It used to be this thing I was doing to get in on an opportunity. I’ve always been a decent writer, and I figured I could put it to good use with this new wave of e-book possibilities.

But I see things so differently now. I’ve realized that writing is one of, if not the, biggest passion in my life.
It’s not easy, and sometimes it’s a downright struggle. But I love it. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I belong doing this. I belong writing.

And I feel so lucky to know this, and to be chasing this wonderful dream.

Those are my thoughts on this gorgeous autumn Sunday.

When I came home from my walk, the house smelled of some sort of heavenly autumn stew in the crockpot, and everything was decorated with pumpkins and warm orange lights. And I felt so pleased to be right where I was.

So happy to be right where I am.

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