Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday Hangovers and Random Thoughts For the New Year

Alright, so I guess when I said I would write again on the weekend, I really meant that I’d be writing two weekends from then. I blame it on a massive holiday hangover that I’ve been struggling to get over. Even though I didn’t have much of a vacation, I managed to trick myself into thinking that I did – just being lazy and sleeping in and watching marathons of Entourage.

But now that it’s mid-January, it’s time to get back to work. I’m starting with this blog post, and going from there. First piece of business, I wanted to talk more about Demon Revelation, the second book in the Samantha Carver Saga that was released in December. Shane, the mysterious stranger that came to help Sam in the last book, is featured a lot more in this book. We find out more about his story, and why he’s here helping Sam in her destiny as demon/zombie fighter. We also find out more about Aamon, the demon who is stalking Sam. This book has a lot of back story, a lot of twists and turns, and a lot of action. Plus, a lot of romance.

I’m really pleased with the way the book came out, and I’m hoping that fans of the first book will be too. Part of this month I’ll be dedicating to contacting book bloggers about reviewing the book – I haven’t done this yet because I was trapped in my mental vacation for a few days too many. But now that I’m finally pulling out, I can’t wait to hear what the bloggers think of the book! Those book bloggers who are following The Vacant Plot, expect to hear from me soon!

So now that I’m getting back to work, I’ve got a few projects on my plate that should pretty much book me through the rest of 2012. I’ve got the third book in the Samantha Carver Saga, which should be out in the spring/summer. I’ve also got another series about Sirens I’m working on that will be out in early summer sometime. I’ve also got another book I’m helping to edit. All this makes for a lot of work, but work that I’m really looking forward to. I love being a writer – and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing then staying up into the wee hours of the night and writing about my characters. I am beyond lucky.

It’s funny though. Even though I’ve written three books (one as a ghost writer) I still have those doubts when I actually begin writing one. I wonder if I’ll be able to finish it, if I’ll have the staying power to stick with it. If the story will actually unfold the way I hope that it will. If writer’s block will kill the project. I wonder if writers ever get over those doubts, or if they’re always there, waiting for you anytime you begin a new project.

So, anyway, this blog post seems to have turned into a bunch of random thoughts. As long as that’s the case, here are a few more.

  • I’ve recently picked up reading again – and it’s awesome. I tend to go through long droughts in between reading marathons. Right now, I’m reading a lot of YA paranormal fiction (of course) and some historical nonfiction too. It’s great to be reading for fun again. I’ve missed it!

  • Jan. 17 is gonna be an awesome day – the return of the TV show, Justified (can’t wait) and Kathleen Edwards’ new album comes out. YES!

  • Songs I’m enjoying right now: Montana -- Youth Lagoon, Silent My Song – Lykke Li, Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush, The Poet – Ryan Bingham, Beside You – Van Morrison, Sore Thumb – We Were Promised Jetpacks, If Music Could Talk – The Clash.

  • This year, in general, is going to be great. It already is.
I’ve just put a pan of cinnamon scones in the oven, I’m sipping a hot cup of coffee, and the first snow of the New Year is swirling around outside. Life is wonderful.

Anyway, I should get to work. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and enjoying the New Year so far!

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